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Oct 2014
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This is not K-Pop related but considering it is a huge Asian & global issue, I believe it is only right to share. Right now Hong Kong, home to Super Junior's Henry and GOT7's Jackson, as well as where Wonder Girls' Lim and EXO's Tao once studied, is in a dire situation.

Oct 2014
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Oct 2014
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Today is October 1st, Hong Kong’s National Day. Joshua Wong and other Scholarism members turned their backs to the flag, raising their hands to form crosses and displaying yellow ribbons, as the national flag and Bauhinia flag were raised. The Scholarism members inside have vowed to remain peacuful and quiet and plan to turn their backs on China’s national flag. (x)

As a reminder, the Wear Yellow For Hong Kong event begins today! Show your support by wearing yellow or carry an umbrella, and help trend #GlobalForHK through social media.

Oct 2014
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Fight on, Hong Kong (source)

Oct 2014
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I’m really emotional about this:

The protestors in Hong Kong’s “Umbrella Revolution” have begun to use “Do You Hear the People Sing?” as their anthem, and it’s just really striking that the message and music from Les Mis are so transcendental even 200 years after the events.

It’s almost like there’s solidarity across the time gap. Powerful.

Oct 2014
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It looks like shes saying “i prefer vaginas more then ass”

Oct 2014
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meeting someone with the same music taste is seriously the best thing ever

Oct 2014
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Oct 2014

Maybe her trophies and medals shine too brightly that it blinds you from the evilness she is doing unto us.

Oct 2014
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