Title: Unknown(Coffee's For Closers)
Artist: UnknownFall Out Boy
Album: UnknownFolie à Deux
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I can’t explain a thing/ I want everything/ To change to stay the same oh time doesn’t care about anyone or anything now/ Come together, come apart/ Only get lonely when you read the charts/ And oh baby, when they made me, they broke the mold/ Girls used to follow me around then I got cold

The most hilarious thing of all the nonhilarious things about how Folie a Deux was received is that when people say that they like Fall Out Boy but not Folie and you say the words “send-up of American narcissism*” they go “aaah”. It’s like magic. Say the words “send-up of American narcissism” (variations include: “a record about the culture around fame”, “hedonism, apathy, and social constructions”, et cetera) and they’ll go “aaah” and the next time you see each other either they’ll say “I get it now!!!” or “it’s not for me but it’s a good record”, which, what. It’s not like the band did something different with their sound and composition and theme every album, or anything. It’s not like America’s Suitehearts was the most straightforward song in the world, or anything. It’s not like Fall Out Boy have been writing sharp self-referential records their whole career, or anything.

Folie a Deux is claustrophobic windows-down not-not-running-away music, rush-hour-trains/buses-on-expressways uprooted music, not-not-a-cynic music, and probably the only thing that could possibly have been improved on is if these utter idiots pronounced the album title consistently, so that I, too, could pronounce it consistently** during psych, instead of doing what I end up doing, which is imagine Patrick, say “folie a deux” the way he says it, imagine Pete’s face, and then laugh and laugh with no explanations for anybody, which is probably the last thing you should do when in psych. I lost my train of thought there. Folie is- well, the line is “unlike previous FOB records Folie isn’t personal”, which makes me wonder what record everyone else was listening to. Like the personal can’t be political- no, like there’s any other way for the political to be, other than personal. Folie is at once a love letter and an old-fashioned longform, turned outward, looking in.

And- look, Grand Theft Autumn is the Love Song For The Ages and Takeover knows my soul and Seven Minutes is about that time Pete Wentz nearly killed himself in a Best Buy parking lot and without it I might not be alive and quite possibly my heart beats in time to Sugar*** but put a gun to my head and ask me to pick one and it’d probably be this one. It would probably have been this one even way back during my first listen when I was calling it Fall Out Boy does All These Things That I’ve Done, because some songs you know are yours from the opening notes. I don’t know, I don’t know, I just know that nothing has ever made me feel the way I love the mayhem more than the love does, just that cynicism is tired and boring and Change will come/ Oh, change will come/ I will never believe in anything again.

*I have to double-check how to spell it every time.
**Correctly is a pipe dream.
***I’ve always been bradycardic.
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i was scared for a second

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I am SICK and TIRED of people objecting to seeing women using their breasts for what they are actually for. BREASTFEEDING IS NOT VULGAR OR OBSCENE.

I support breastfeeding all the way, even if it is in public.

And the award winning one:



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number all of them


#3 has so many implication - it could be something positive or something negative

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just out of curiosity, and i know this is a very biased page to refer to, but based on the video here (CAUTION! VERY GRAPHIC) for how long can a fetus have been evolved until abortion is not an option? like i’m pro abortion but not when the fertilized egg has legit grown organs and giant tissues. tumblr has that problem to not see the bigger issue and considers all abortions to be small cells that barely grown when in fact very evolved fetuses is involved, im just curious what is your opinon?

I’m against abortion.
Why? I probably can’t have children because of my eating disorder past.
And there is women who kill their babies?
No. That’s not about choice.
However you got pregnant, it’s not the child’s fault!
This baby inside you will have a soul, it’s a human, like all the others you meet on the street, have gone to school with, or talk to as a friend.
It’s not less! its not just a pile of cells.

Think about that.

talking about this subject

I think it’s a really sensitive thing to stand at one end and say that it’s wrong on the other end. Abortion is killing a soul, another life without giving it chance to live to its fullest and enjoy life.

But still, if the case that the girl/woman got pregnant from rape (which isn’t suppose to happen in the first place) then I say she has all the right to perform abortion because why should she take on the responsibility and perhaps she don’t even have the ability to support the child (but obviously a better choice would be to give birth and put for adoption) but what happened to her damages her psychologically she might not be even mentally ready to give birth to a child. So in this case, getting abortion shouldn’t be condemned. 

And obviously, I’m not saying the other party - willing party of having sex and getting pregnant are condemned of abortion but they should think about the implication of killing this soul and this life without giving it the slightest chance of enjoy life to the fullest or diminishing it like a pile of cells and removing them from your body. Be responsible for your actions. 

Think about that. 

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once bitten, twice shy.

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